Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Scottish Tory Boy's Lesson In Lib Dem Bloggery

It appears that Scottish Tory Boy has had a short sharp lesson in never to overlook Lib Dem Bloggery. Indeed if he paid a little attention to the weekly Scottish Blogging Roundup on which he features regularly enough he would realise that one or tow of the other bloggers do give those of us Lib Dems who blog a little run out in the sun.

The reason I came across the
first slightly erroneous
post of his was because somebody had visited me by linking his blog and my Tory opponent from 2005 in a google search, hope whoever it was found this post, unless they have inadvertantly unclocked a blogger's alias.

It appears that Michael that's Veitch, not Connarty, there was 40% of the ballot paper called Michael here 3 years ago, is standing in East Lothian now that he has settled there, with his wife. Personally I wouldn't mind him having the same sucess as he had in 2005 in slipping behind the Liberal Democrat candidate. Although over there it is more of a statistical tie that what we faced here.

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