Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Decision Time 2009/10

There was a little bit of love going around the Scottish Political Blogosphere last week, Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting picked up on it first, then Malc in the Burgh passed comment.

However, Jeff went one step further yesterday when hypothesising about the 20 Westminster seats that the SNP could win to meet Alex Salmond's promise at this weekends conference. His main concern about the SNP's chances in Linlithgow and Falkirk East is it seems me. Now I'm flattered especially as following the immediate fall out emotional, personal etc of the 2005 elections, led to eventual burn out physical and emotional. none of which was aided by losing my father and other issues.

Now I have been talking to friends recently upon my return to blogging and politicing in general about what steps are next. They had noticed some trends in my return, for example with the leadership election soon after my return, I ignored the issue, unlike the previous time, when I was firmly blogging from even accumulating blogs for one camp. But since those uncertain first steps on the road to recovery my blog has sharpened up it's cutting edge once more and I'm feeling stronger.

So I had been giving the question some serious thought in recent weeks. Gauging if the lessons learnt 3 years ago, both political and personal, could actually be put to decent use. I've actually yet to come to a proper conclusion, although yesterday evening I had a serious think and talk through just what it would mean to complete the Phoenix like return.

Watch this space.


This Is Alba said...

Nice to finally see a Lib Dem enter the world of Scottish blogging!

I think the 09/10 General Election will be one of the most interesting to date (in Scotland at least). It's the first time we've had two different parties in power both north and south of the border. While I can't really see the Lib Dems winning any big seats in Scotland it's going to be interesting what the third party effect will have on the key marginals (especially when we factor in tactical voting). I'd be delighted to hear what you have to say on Lib Dem prospects in Scotland.

Stephen Glenn said...

I've been blogging since 2005, hardly entering the world of blogging. And as Scottish Tory Boy found out recently there are more of us out there.

I guess I'm just getting back into visiting the other parties blogs a little bit more again recently and I guess my tracks are being left all over the blogosphere as a result.

Jeff said...

Ha, brilliant.

It's like when someone wins Best Newcomer award even though they've been plugging away for years in the music industry.

I was going to mischievously suggest that you shouldn't stand Stephen as a back-handed compliment given my concern at your 'above-median' efforts in campaigning.

But there's always a chance that such amiable, though subtle, messages can be misconstrued.

So instead I'll say that life is too precious not to be enjoyed. You'll know deep down when the time comes if you've got enough of a fight in you to go for it. I can only imagine how gruelling, not to mention thankless, an affair it can be. My only real association with the election is putting my feet up on count night and watching the 'results' with a few beers and a party atmosphere.

Needless to say, you give a lot more of yourself to the affair.

And not sure if this analogy will work but a colleague once gently scolded me when I said I couldn't wait for Friday on a Monday morning.

His point was, if you're not enjoying yourself in your 9 to 5 (or 8 to 7 as the case was back then), then what the heck are you doing?

You say yourself that you're stronger and if you know for sure you'll get a kick out of the election campaign whether you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd then of course you should go for it.

Otherwise, the cons may well outweigh the pros.

But we all have gut feelings. And if we're honest, we usually know the best course of action in any situation so I'm sure you'll suss it out soon...


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