Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Concerned of Fife Cannae Help

Well the Tim'rous Beastie has returned from his travels to far flung forweign cheese boards only to have to face up to his angry mischief of mice upon returning. They have voiced concerns about the doubling of the lowest tax band to 20p, since they emerged from their holes in Westminster to canvasss for the local elections next month.

He apparently has spouted out platitudes that he understands "how difficult it is when food prices and fuel prices are rising", "it's difficult out there", "we get it". However, all that was ruined by the "We have a responsibility to listen, to hear and to understand what is being said. But there is a responsibility on all of us to unite." By unite he means his mice cannot let the budget be defeated.

In the second reading of the finance bill Yvette Cooper mentioned the issue by saying the population will benefit "from this package because of what we have done for pensioners, for families with children and for low-paid workers through allowances and tax credits." I went to check on the (Working) Tax Credit calculator to see if single me, with no kids losing out on the tax changes qualified. To my surprise it said I was entitled to working tax credit, that was until I saw the figure it would give me, £0.00. Whoop de do!!! No wonder with this lack of understanding of the problem her PPS Angela Smith considered walking away from her post.

Seeing as in the last week another 2p per litre has been added to cheapest pump price I can find for petrol taking it to £105.9. I've hit a double whammy in the last week. Another 86p to fill the tank, another 96p in tax dedcuctions.

Thankfully Jeremy Browne the Lib Dem spokesman pointed out how London-centric the effects had not been picked up by the media.

"a salary of up to £18,000 [the threashold of those affected] does not constitute low earning, although it may sound like low earning to some in the London media commentating classes."

As one of those is a skilled job under that level outwith the great metropolis of London under that threshold I can concur. My one advantage is that living in Scotland at least my Council Tax is frozen this year although my water and sewage rates have increased.

So the message from Labour is.

We Listen, We Hear, We Understand. But.... we're not going to do a thing.

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