Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Make Way for the Cowboy Builders of Independence

The white van pulled up outside Holyrood yesterday the words Salmond and Co covered by layers of dirt that have been being picked up recently. Out hopped Nicola Sturgeon to size up the job at hand. With a pencil firmly wedged behind her ear she eyed the place up. From the Borders to Shetland, from the Hebrides to the North Sea, she saw a juicy job that her contracted firm could carry off.

It needs fixing up and we’ll have to take down the connecting walls to the neighbours. But don’t panic you’ll still be living in a nice European community. All we need is you mark on this piece of paper and leave the details to us.

Now I know designer make-over shows are all the rage, and I know that these are done with very little consultation as to what that will entail. However, comparing the move to independence, or the move to devolution, to one is not the same. For a start with devolution there was a whole consultation period, but the SNP would like to gloss over this due to their non-participation in the Scottish Constitutional Convention, which met from 1989 to produce its final report in 1995. So when people came to vote on devolution they weren’t totally in the dark as to what it entailed, just as the Good Friday Agreement was but to referendum in Northern Ireland for the establishment of devolved power there.

Yet on the front page of the Scottish Edition of the Time today the SNP are not prepared to lay out in advance what Independence is going to mean, merely ask the Scottish public to vote yea or nae and leave the details of what all is going to be involved until later, in negotiations between the Scottish and Westminster Governments.

Well I’m sorry but that is a case of we don’t want to people to know what we’ll be doing but expecting them to vote for it anyway. Now we know the truth SNP don’t trust us with the detail of independence to make up our minds. In which case people of Scotland should all vote no 100%, until we can be trusted to vote on detail and can make an educated judgement.

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