Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fore! Big Eck Tries to Trump Council

I wanted to digest this news before passing comment on it and now I have reflected here is my take.

Now I'm sorry dispite all the protestations that come out of Linlithgow's most powerful son, he is anything but a mere constituency MSP, in the same way that the MP for Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath is anything but merely and MP.

Imagine the uproar there would have been if say a certain billionaire with dubious taste in hairpieces had been turned down by Fife council for a £1bn pound proposal in an environmentally sensitive area, say near Burntisland. If the local MP had taken a key interest in trying to overturn such a decision I would gaurantee that the Scottish Nationalists would be up in arms about abuse of power.

Alex Salmond can rant on about cash for honours, but he must realise that what he appears to be doing is not as a mere mortal of an MSP looking after his constituents. He is using his standing as far more than just that to attempt to steamroller one level of democratically elected government to appease a very wealthy man.

Now I'm not saying that I either agree with the council or Alex over the issue. I have not studied all the papers. I know there were environmental concerns, which even some of the objectors have said if these were redressed in an appropriatee manner and resubmitted may lead to a new golf complex being established. The local planners have seen the full proposal, they have come to a close judgement which was only decided by the casting vote of the chairperson. So there obviously are benefits and costs that are finely balanced.

If the SNP are truely looking out for the best interests of Scotland and its people they'd better start acting like it. Let the people decide what is best for them, they are started to appear as control-freakish as Labour, if they call this in. They are prepared, it would appear to steamroller, over environmental concerns. This hardly surprises me as they intend to fund an independent Scotland largely on oil money, harder a greener Scottish pound if they get their way.

So take heed, watchout for golf balls flying from Bute House, as Alex practices in his official residence to be ready for his new 'friends' golf venture, but also watch out for just how an independent Scotland will affect Climate Change. Either one could hit you and leave a lasting effect.

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