Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jim Devine is No Robin Cook (2)

Robin Cook was a. Jim Devine said in the run up to his by-election success last September that he was no Robin Cook. Robin for a great advocate for proportional representation including at fringe events at Labour Conference. However his belief that First Past the Post is best in the debate on Boundaries, Voting and Representation (Scotland) last Thursday shows again how his has pulled the wool over the eyes of the Livingston electorate.

Devine did suggest that people should have only one vote but his intention was to make the small parties have to come up with deposits for every seat in a region to get the same representation that they have on the second vote. Jo Swinson can up with the ideal solution to Devine's protestations that STV as advocated in the Arbothnot Report would do away with all the problems that Devine was pointing out about losers being winners, two votes by the electorate and two types of MSPs. Devine's Labour colleague Mohammed Sawar agreed that this would be a positive step forward.

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