Friday, November 04, 2005

Devine's Voter Honeymoon Over

It appears that the voters are watching carefully and seeing that Jim Devine’s claim to be following in Robin Cook’s footsteps is falling short. This appeared in the online West Lothian News:

SIR, I am pleased to report that the new MP for the area has at least lived up to his own words. During the election he said he was no Robin Cook. How true, because Robin Cook wouldn't have voted for the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Bill which Mr Devine has just signed up to!

Labour - and Mr Devine - believe that the only way to stop terrorism is to turn this country into a police state and that's what this bill does.

Mr Devine was once a senior officer of a union that wholeheartedly objects to this bill - it seems that Mr Devine's morals are up for grabs for the highest bidder, once it was Unison now it is the Labour party!
Ian Wallace, Mid Calder

So I guess this means that the Devine honeymoon period is over. I make that five weeks.

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