Friday, November 04, 2005

Goldie to Lead Tories and Loses an MSP Already

I'm sorry I am of an age that associates Goldie with Simon Groom's dog on Blue Peter. Not the next leader of the Scottish Tories looks set to share the name.

Annabel Goldie appears to be having a Michael Howard style coronation as the leader to replace David McLetchie, with Murdo Fraser completing the 'dream' ticket. However, we all know how sucessful Howard proved to be, especially in Scotland.

Annabelle has managed to do something that not even Michael Howard managed however. Her group in parliament has shrunk by 5.6% before she has even been officially appointed as leader. Brian Monteith a list member for Mid Scotland and Fife has resigned the whip after it emerged that he had e-mailed a Sunday newspaper editor suggesting a leader column calling for Mr McLetchie to quit as party leader.

Therefore the Conservative benches are now reduced to 17 in the Scottish Parliament.

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