Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tory A-List 31-40

Sorry for the break in this series but I've been having braodband difficulties at home. And the other night after 35 minutes on the phone to Mumbai they finally confirmed what I tild them in the first minute of the call that my modem was dead, deceased, fallen off this mortal coil, no more. Anyway after a number of enquires into what I'd found out I'm pressing on with the remainder of the list.

Vicky Ford: Stood for Birmingham Northfield in 2005, see is also a councillor on South Cambridgeshire District Council. In the Telegraph last November she was one of 16 women to sign a letter supporting Cameron as the only hope of the Tories to win over women voters (also signaturies fellow A-Listers Angie Bray, Jane Ellison, Pauline Latham, Amanda McLean and Laura Sandys). She hit the news over a lap dancing club billboard in 2004, for the record she was complaining not appearing in the poster. However, another of her campaigns was about changing the way planning permission for mobile phone masts is carried out.

Jackie Foster: Was MEP for the North West Region from 1999 but was only placed 4th on the list for 2004 thus losing out when the Tories only returned 3 for the region. However, like party leader David she is shortening her name from Jacqueline. She was considered one of the least Eco-Friendly MEPs by friends of the Earth in 2004. She may have to sharpen up her Greenish if she is to become a successful chameleon in the new model Tories.

George Freeman: Was Candidate for Stevenage in 2005. Although he hasn't left mush of a google-trail.

David Gold: David was Candidate for Brighton Pavillion in 2001. He hasd served as William Hagues diary secretary and is another gay man to make the list.

Zac Goldsmith: The son of the Late Eurosceptic founder of the referendum Party Sir James Goldsmith, Zac is the Editor of Ecologist Magazine and is Co-Chair of the Environment Policy Group. He certainly has Green credentials having donated £5000 to the Green Party candidate's campaign in Stroud last May some of the 3056 votes gained might have been better used in turning over the 350 majority by which his new party came second. But he has since said 'A Conservative who is not also in his heart an environmentalist cannot legitimately be described as a Conservative'. Start making your lists now of who's therefore not a legitimate conservative.

Ashley Gray: Has twice stood for Cornwall South East in 2001 and 2005. But though there was a Conservative swing he remained static against Liberal Democrat Colin Breed who actually increased his majority. He has signed up for a number of green campaigns in the region, even getting a mention by Tim Yeo in a debate on wind farms but is listed as a Eurosceptic.

Andrew Griffith: Is also a two time candidate Corby in 2001 and 2005. He is a media consultant. The Telegraph listed him as one of 23 Faces for the Future last year and was one of the authors of Direct Democracy - Agenda for a New Model Party in June 2005.

Andrew Griffiths: Has been Chief of Staff to Hugo Swire MP and worked for Teresa May, PPC in Dudley North in 2001 and European candidate in 2004 4th on West Midlands list although he had also gone for the Welsh list. He currently works for Neil Parish the South West Conservative MEP as his name appears on the website imprint.

Laetitia Gunn As Recess Monkey has pointed out Laetitia is the daughter of Bill Cash and as such has been on Tatler's most invited list. She was PPC for Salford in 2005 having previously been rejected by Wyre Valley with the cautionary statement from local group leader Stephen Cree 'She came to interview, but the association felt she was not at the standard we wanted. We had far better candidates and we selected the best'. Their best either dispite or because he was male failed to unseat Dr Richard Taylor.

Sam Gyimah: Was CBI Entrepreneur of the Future in 2005 and is co-founder of Clearstone, he previously worked for Goldma Sachs. He was born in the UK but raised in Ghana in a single-parent household and is another black candidate on the A-List. He has also edited From the Ashes - The Future of the Conservative Party last year. He was President of the Oxford Union in 1997 from where he graduated in PPE.


Tristan said...

However, like party leader David she is shortening her name from Jacqueline.

David is short for Jaqueline? ;)

SCDC resident said...

Vicky Ford was only elected to SCDC in May 2006 but was voted onto their cabinet at the first meeting of the council she attended. Impressive huh?

The sad thing for SCDC is that she'll be gone to some safe Tory seat in three years time no doubt leaving SCDC behind but she'll be needing to campaign their before then so that's only two years they're likely to have her full attention for ...


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