Friday, May 26, 2006

10 Other Confessions That Tony Might Consider Making

Ok as Tony is getting all confessional how about some other thing he might want to get off his chest.

10. I'm not English after all and will be supporting Trindad and Tobago at the World Cup in Germany. (Don't know why Dave got invited to David and Vicky's bash but not me.)

9. I thought when Cherie first said she would introduce me to C. Chaplin she was talking about the famous film star tramp.

8. My last cabinet reshuffle was made by throwing darts at the usual suspects. I almost had Keyser Soze replace Gordon at the Exchequer.

7. I wish I'm made Robin Cook's resignation speech, people might like me more. But then George wouldn't so maybe not.

6. I am fallible. Just everyone else around me is more so and people don't notice.

5. I voted for Thatcher in 1979.

4. John Prescott gave me a Chinese burn when I threatened to take his priveleges away from him.

3. I wish Cherie had won a Parliamentary seat before me, then I could have followed my dream and become an internationally recognised lawy...rock guitarist.

2. I was really upset that Al Gore didn't become president, but also relieved as he would have hounded me about Kyoto targets all this time and George isn't bothered.

1. Yes Gordon it is unfair me making you pay the Granita bill and not letting you become leader.

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