Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tory A-List 11-20

Continuing from yestersday's start to delve into the backgroud of Chameleon Dave's A-Team. Here are the next 10 in alphabetical order from the hot 100, take care pop pickers.

Karen Bradley: Former CCHQ policy officer and Manchester Withington PPC 2005. She was one of the carefully named candidates that the Tories put up against Labour members and although she did not win some say she may have affected the result against Keith Bradley. She is a mother who works for the party part time as a policy advisor on Crime and the Metrolink. She has since stood for the Tories in Teddington, for Richmond Borough Council where she is from.

Angie Bray: Is a Member of the Greater London Assembly. A former journalist she was head of Broadcasting for the Conservative Central Office in the 1992 and 2005 General Elections. As mentioned earlier, she is a stand out candidate, irrespective of gender, according to William Rees-Mogg.

Steve Brine: Runs a Hampshire PR business and is a former Tory spin doctor and ghost writer of articles and speeches for the party leaders. Brine was also responsible for the Tories 2001 Election Website. He is a close associate of Dave Chameleon. Although he was the area agent over the troubled Southampton Itchen selection of a non-approved candidate for 2005.

Fiona Bruce
: Is sadly not the Dead Ringers lampooned newreader but was Small Businesswoman of the Year 2003. Famously became 2005 Warrington South PPC after winning open US sytle all electors primary. She is a family lawyer and features in Sandra Howard's campaign diary.

Sharon Buckle: Was number 4 on the East Midlands European list in 2004. Less well publicised by our Tory friends is that she narrowly beat UKIP and held on to her deposit in Liverpool Walton in 2005.

Dr David Bull: Is a regular TV Medical expert and author must famously for his appearances on Newsround.

Conor Burns: Twice PPC for Eastleigh 2001 and 2005 against our own leadership candiadate Chris Huhne. He was the first Tory gain on Southampton Council for more than a decade in 1999, where he has lived since 1991. He is a fellow Northern Irish guy seeking to make it in UK politics.

Martin Callanan MEP: Is an MEP for the North East Region since 1999. He has previously stoodfor Tynemouth 1997, Gateshead East 1992 and Houghton & Washington 1987.

Pam Chesters: Bristol West PPC in 2001. She is the Chair of the Royal Free Hospital Hampstead and prior to that worked for BP for 20 years and was Chair of Duckhams Oil. She was a Camden Councillor from 1999-2000.

Damian Collins: 2005 candidate for Northampton North. He is the managing director of an M&C Saatchi company and has contributed to the Cameroon's Little Blue Book.

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