Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eric Forth RIP

Colourful MP, in many ways, Eric Forth has sadly become the fifth MP since last May's election to pass away, the fourth of whom has succoumb to cancer.

Before entering Parliament in 1983 as MP for Mid-Worcestershire he was MEP for Birmingham North. He later became the MP for Bromley and Chislehurst. He served as a Trade and Education minister under John Major.

Although the substance of what he said was not always to my taste the way he said it was something that any parliamentarian could learn from. During the last Parliament he started out Shadowing my former MP Robin Cook as Leader of the House and occasion PMQs and the two eloquent performers were a match for each other. Their tongues being effective weaponry to reach across the divide often with sabre like wit.

His colourful ties and waistcoats will be missed from the Chamber as will those erudite performances. But maybe he'll be able to conntinue his famous verbal jousts with Robin Cook from beyond the grave.

The resulting by-election will the first by-election that Dave has to Parliamentary contest as the defender, however he is defending a 13,000 majority which even Livingston FC's defence should be able to defend

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