Monday, May 08, 2006

More Scottish Call Centre Jobs Culled

As someone who works in the industry I'm again saddened by the announced lose of NTL call centre jobs which the media announced today.

However, the fact that worker found out from the media not their employers and that this appears to be another cost cutting measure whith the jobs being outsourced to India make painful reading. Unlike many people who complain about certain companied outsourcing their customer service I get a backlash of people coming to me saying ah you are English. Or course that fact that I'm Irish working in Scotland seems to pass them by they're just happy for a familiar accent.

The NTL employees at Belshill and Glenrothes must now be waiting for news of how NTL will make the one third reduction in its UK workforce. Both could be har hit and this probably does not reflect the quality of the service these employees have offered.

The knock on effect could loom large over West Lothian. Having for so long been seen as the Silicon Glen of Scotland the area has fact become a centre of call centres. Call centres havfe been a fast growing area of employment in much of Scotland and West Lothian is no exception. The thing that UK based call centres offer is in built local knowledge and understandability with the customers, some of the Indian call centres while they offer a cheap alternative do not offer the depth of affinity and ability to satisfy the very demanding UK consumer. It is a sad reflection when answering a phone the other person is almost relieved that you sound like a native, because you are.


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