Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kennedy in Rehab After Crash

No not our Charlie.

This is more a case of like father, like son. Congressman Patrick Kennedy is the latest of the Kennedy clan to fall foul of the supposed curse of the American political dynasty. His father Senator Edward Kennedy was possibly denied his shot at the Presidency following the Chappaquiddick Island incident. Now his son was involved an a startling similar incident near the Capitol.

He crashed his car into a security barrier after swerving and narrowly missing a police vehicle. He was then not breathalised on the spot and is now also being accused of preferential treatment. He also had a similar incedent when he crashed into another vehicle six months ago in Rhode Island.

Hopefully now the six term congressman is seeking help like our very own Kennedy and is admitting there is a problem is that first step.

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Robert said...

Perhaps the most interesting factoid about the Kennedy crack-up is that he claimed to "be on the way to a vote" when police asked him where he was going. As it was three o'clock in the morning, that made little sense. The last vote had been taken more than six hours before. But the US Constitution makes Congressmen immune from arrest when "going to and from" business at the Capitol. So, woozy Patrick had enough sense to remember that, if he claimed to be going to a vote, he might skate on a DUI. So not only is he a drunk and a liar, he's a cheat and an elitist. Big surprise.


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