Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Poor Health

Yesterday the Speaker Michael Martin returned to work after 2 months following an angioplasty. His first role in the chair was in charge of Health Questions. He joked 'It's very appropriate that I should come back to call the Secretary of State for Health. Patricia Hewitt responded that as the operation was carried out in Scotland it was outside her remit.

However, today is startling news that a new innovation for diabetics, inhalation rather than injection, is too costly at less than £10 a week more per patient for our NHS to afford. This after the news yesterday that NHS Doctors' pay had risen under their new contracts by around 25% since 2004.

So there are clearly a lot of health questions out there I hope Mr. Speaker Martin is up for the task. As for Patricia Hewitt most of these questions are definitely under her remit.

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