Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All Action on the Moray Front

Looks like my fellow Scottish Blogger Alex Cole Hamilton is causing a stir in the Blogsphere. Today alone there are 12 comments posted here out of 14 in total. However, maybe the Northern Scot is a little miffed that the Scotsman are trying to steal a little of their thunder. Mind you if Alex is good enough to face Gordon Brown at hustings and the ballot box I'm know he's capable of handling the first minor riot his blog has stirred in his comments. Welcome to the world of blogging Alex. It's not always fair and it can get ludicrously out of control for the most innocent of reasons but hey it all leads to openess and accountability.

All the same it looks like we'll be all be reading the Northern Scot with interest on Friday, just to see what Nationalist propaganda it is going to exude.

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