Saturday, February 11, 2006

Impressive in Slough

The three leadership candidates had a tough act to follow in todays hustings in Slough by all accounts. Most Lib Dems I know both online and in preson are still buzzing about our 63rd MP Willie Rennie.

However, the reports from people who were there indicate that Simon Hughes was the most impressive. Tony Ferguson who had previosuly written Hughes off ranked Simon top on Education, Environment, Health and for their opening remarks. He only gave Chris Huhne a slight edge on taxation. Indeed his overal ratings came out Simon Hughes 41/50 Chris Huhne 34 and Sir Menzies Campbell 28. While this performance had not put him wholly in the Hughes camp it has him undecided which of the Hs will get his first and which his second preference.

Gary Giffin commenting on the above was also impressed by both Simon and Chris, so it appears there are doubts to Mings assertion that he is a safe pair of hands to lead our party.

The outcome of this hustings in front of 500 party members is according to Rob Fenwick who wasn't there has been inundated with requests to add many more names to Simon's Supporters.

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