Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bloggers 4 Hughes

Now that the Dunfermline by Election is out of the way I can devote more time to the final few weeks of the leadership campaign and as a result more time to my other site Bloggers 4 Hughes.

Therefore I was delighted to see another Blogger supporting and voting Simon 1 this morning. David from the Republic of Hyde Park also gives some very astute reasoning behind his preference order.

Simon also was very good on Sunday AM this morning especially onj the issue of Europe. Yes Europe is there to benefit us and does in the big things that it does so well, what people are most upset about with Europe is the way they attempt to micromanage down to what happens on your high street or in your community. I thought this was the most clear and concise message I've heard any Liberal Democrat give about our future priorities in and for Europe.

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