Friday, February 10, 2006

Dear David Cameron

Next to that letter on the leaflet that the PM quoted at you this week is a statement from Adrian Graves, that one and only 'prominent' Liberal Democrat your party are claiming to have snagged since Charles Kennedy stood down as leader. He says:

The arrival of David Cameron at the helm of the Conservative Party has precipitated a fundamental shift in both the direction and political atmoshere within the (Conservative) Party. As a result politics is suddenly dynamic and interesting again. Importantly, this new phenomenon offers - arguably for the first time since 1997 - the only potentially acheivable opportunity for 'regime change' at the next general election.

Now I know we have mocked Mr Graves in the past but it looks like he may be prophetic after all. Politics this morning is now suddenly dynamic and interesting. The arrival of David Cameron has had an effect a slight drop in their vote and the realisation of people that voting for the Conservatives is confusing at best as nobody knows what they stand for, a bit like the media branded the Lib Dems in the early days.

Now this phenomenon does offer the only potentially acheivable opportunity for regime change at the next general election, that is to vote Liberal Democrat. After the month that we have had in the media to win on a 18% swing can only show that we have the right policies for the people of Britain and that when we can present those to the people they respond. The potential for regime change in Westminster is there and it lies in the hands of hte next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

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