Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who Chose That Question?

Perhaps [the Prime Minister] would like to explain why it is that one in five schools does not have a permanent Headteacher.

On most weeks a very sensible question for PMQs. But less than four days since you took over as caretaker leader of a political party today was not the time to ask that question. The response was uproareous laughter from all corners of hte chamber, yes there were even a few smiles on the young turks gathered around Sir Menzies.

Statesmanlike has been a term used in the press to describe Sir Menzies Campbell, today he has serious egg on his face. But who advised that question? Who advised that wording? More to the point why did the person that a large number of MPs want as their new leader not realise that question.

I've heard Sir Menzies on many times answering questions and answering them well, today was not one of those days.

As for Simon Hughes maybe he should wear a neck brace when in the presence of Tony Blair.

Mark Oaten I believe was safely in the BBC studios preparing to answer questions rather than asking them, but would he have faired any better.

Having just come from the Livingston match where we were beaten by Alloa who are bottom of division 2 the anology with today PMQ performance is clear. On today's performance the political gap is wide. Unfortunately our guys may think they are ready for the SPL but they played like Livingston did tonight and the result was just as disappointing.

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