Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Bartlett Diaries

Today I noticed a large number of hits on my blog coming from Austaralia and noticed that they were all begin referred from here.

The reason for this interest is that Democrat Party Queensland Senator and Member of Austalian Parliament Andrew Bartlett posted a very thorough and balanced piece on recent Lib Dem developments, quoting and referencing various Lib Dem (and other party) Blogs. Like so many of us in recent years he found this lead to a lot of interest and decided to a short follow up.

The Liberal Democrats are one of the international parties most readily identifiable with the Australia Democrats, Bartlett writes. Well I'm glad to see he is doing his part to educate Australian readers about the events that are unfolding here. I expect he'll have to do some more updates over the next couple of months.


Chris Black said...


I'm finding it harder and harder to access your blog...things often get stuck at links2blogs or cameron4libdems.

Am I the only one having problems, or should you maybe take one of these buttons off your site?

Stephen Glenn said...

How is that Chris?

Chris Black said...

A lot quicker!


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