Monday, January 30, 2006

Cameron in Denial

David Cameron is in denial but apparently not for a drink problem, sexual dalliances or use of illegal drugs. No apparently he is denying that is betraying the Tory Party principles by making the changes he is making to the party.

The fact that he is having to make a public denial of doing so in a speech to the left-wing think-tank Demos, must mean that there are murmurings underneath the surface within his own party. There had been rumour about ructions but for Cameron to make a categorical denial there must be a steady head of steam on the point of boiling over.

Already this month there was outcry in the Dunfermline and West Fife Conservative Party when Fife Council group leader Cllr Stuart Randall was not even on the shortlist for the vacant Westminster seat. Local activists have been saying it was because he was allegedly too right-wing for David Cameron's New Conservatives.

Does he have critics well Lord Tebbit is warning fellow Tories against moving towards the "morass" of the political centre ground?

Well Dave if you can't stand the heat and really want to get on with your change in heart I'm sure there will be room in the Liberal Democrats. Are you any good at delivering leaflets?


Angus J Huck said...

Are you serious?

What would we possibly want with Cameron?

He is in favour of forced labour for school-leavers and, like Blair, is a stooge of the "invisible government".

The Liberal Democrats is a party for people who are LIBERAL and think for themselves.

Cameron is neither liberal, nor does he think for himself (that is done for him in Washington).

Stephen Glenn said...

That's why I was starting him out small with a delivery run so we can assertain just how Liberal he actually is. I have some orphan bundles he could deliver in Linlithgow if he could spare the time.

If he does that well enough we might then allow him to man the stall at the Linlithgow street fair in May.


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