Sunday, January 22, 2006

Torys Parachute in Cameronite

According to Atticus in today's Sunday Times the Tories parachuted two Cameronite's into the selection process for the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election (Atticus please note the correct name of the new constituency).

The locals wanted the change to select Cllr Stuart Randall who is the Tory council leader on Fife council and coucillor for dalgety Bay East. However, the Tory hierarchy foisted two women Davena Rankin, a 32 year-old single mother, and Carrie Ruxton, a 38 year-old nutritionalist and also a single mother. Both accorded to Atticus were deemed to be in more in keeping with the new David Cameron image of the party. Davena Rankin was actually named in a Scotsman article as the sort of candidates from ethnic minorities and women that DC was looking to get unto constituency selection procedures.

While both the candidates have contested the 2001 elections Dr Ruxton in Northavon and Ms Rankin in Glasgow Kelvin the local party showed their dissent by not voting, indeed only five took part in the selection process which selcted Dr Ruxton and the candidate for the election on 9 February.

The Liberal Democrats have selected Willie Rennie, Labour Catherine Stihler, the SNP Douglas Chapman and UKIP Ian Borland.

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