Saturday, December 17, 2005

Two Daglishes on the Park This Afternoon

No that is not a type there were two guys called daglish on the turf at Almondvale today. Not only was Paul up to his usual good job up front but his old man, better known as Celtic, Liverpool and Scotland's Kenny Daglsih (I know he also managed Blackburn and Newcastle).

It was possibly the first time Kenny has been introduced on a football field as the father of his son. But he made the half time draw and from my vantage point standing just beside the tunnel I was close to my footballing legend. I was even closer when he sat in the director's box, but I had been even closer still in either 1989 or 1990 while I was standing at Euston Station waiting for the night train to Stranraer.

Kenny, and I think Paul, from a few years back.

I was looking up at the boards when who should come beside me but the manager of my other football team Kenny Daglish, for someone who would later seek to be an elected representative I found myself tongue-tied. Even worse after he moved away he came and stood beside me again; still the words failed to come out.

Any way the match ended Livingston 0 Aberdeen 0; a result and a point I would have taken before kick off, but sadly not what we deserved as we were by far the better team on the park.

However, I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning to see if Liverpool can become World Club Champions; as I'm sure will Kenny.

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