Sunday, December 18, 2005

Timetable for Conservative Change

When can we judge Cameron? He is saying that he is preparing to create a new Conservative sensitivity. Let’s see when he is looking at giving us these alternatives to the May 2005 manifesto which he authored.

Zac Goldsmith is heading up the environment policy group, they are expected to have policies in June 2007. ON the site seeking Lib Dem defections he is asking:

"How can we balance the urgent need to tackle climate change with the need to provide security of energy supply?"

Yet in May he did not seem to recognise Climate Change as an issue it was not mentioned at all in his manifesto.

On asylum David is considering another U-turn dropping the Conservative Party’s policy of imposing a cap on the number asylum seekers Britain can accept. This will come as a shock to most of the conservatives that stood for Westminster in Scotland as they were the sole party not looking at allowing immigration to make up for Scotland’s skill shortages. Therefore I have no idea how he is going to force this through his party as many of his MPs claim that their southern constituencies are actually highly sensitive over htis issue.

It is clear therefore that David Cameron’s plea to Liberal Democrats is nothing more than opportunism. Thankfully I’m glad that most of the people who vote Liberal democrat do so as result of looking at the policies and realising there is substance unlike the hyperbole and empty phrases and promises that the other parties.

Personally looking at what he promising the turn the Conservative Party into I can see him being challenged for the leadership in less time than Iain Duncan Smith. And if he is serious about these being his beliefs expect to see the Lib Dems defending their new MP for Witney in the 2009/10 General Election.

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