Friday, December 30, 2005

The Petition that Nobody is Taking Seriously

First Jonathan Calder aka Mickey Mouse, of Cheesebourough, then Stephen Tall impersonating Charles Kennedy himself, have tested and shown up the inauthority of this petition set up by the Liberal and reported by the BBC.

So I decided to go one better and signed as A C L Blair, that is Anthony Charles Lynton aka Tony, of Westminster at just to see if it would be accepted. Well not surprising it went through with no difficulty. If any Tom, Dick or Tony can just march unto this website and sign up to demand our leader steps down it is a travesty of democracy.

We are a democratic party. All leadership elections are decided by one member one STV vote of the entire membership. Charles was returned unopposed at the start of the current parliament there is no challenger standing against him, therefore he is the leader of the Liberal Democrats. The press just seem to like recycling this story as they don't like the difficulty they face in reporting the new three party politics that hte country is facing (it always has been four for us Scots). the press would rather see us Liberal democrats unravel.

I'm sorry guys that is not going to happen, we are looking to the future and seeking to improve our position across the Uk you're just going to have to get used to us being around and challenging in all parts of the country. Hope you have a wonderful new year and hope you find a different Lib Dem story under Charles Kennedy's leadership to report by the end of 2006.

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