Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back from Christmas Holiday

Well I'm back. After a few short days back in Northern Ireland visiting my family I safely arrived back in Scotland last night.

It is amazing just how much you can fit into such a short time. Christmas week for the Glenn family involves two birthdays my dad on the 22nd and my elder nephew on Christmas Eve. When you add in the midnight service on Christmas eve, Christmas Morning service, watching two little boys enjoy their presents, plus playing (and winning) a football match on Boxing Day. I'm glad to be back in Scotland to relax by working up momentum for the 2007 elections.

TV highlights of the holiday have to include David Tennants's explosive debut as the Doctor. That has probably got to be the most spectacular TRADIS entry ever. It is a shame that power seemed to get to Prime Minster Margaret Blaine in such a short period of time.

The last appearance of Ronnie Barker with Ronnie Corbett in their 'Christmas Sketchbook' brought a tear to the eye. As did the obvious ending to a number of characters and possibly the show in 'Little Britain' on Christmas Eve. So we had two Prime Minsters in trouble in the space of 24 hours but neither of them is the MP for Sedgefield.

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