Monday, October 31, 2005

Not A Treat for The Local Constabulary

I have just had a visit from two of Lothian and Border's finest.

Unfortunatley upon returning from the gym and my weekly grocery shop I was 'treated' to a smashed rear patio window. There was glass all over my kitchen floor, in the dogs water bowl, amongst the laundry that was drying out. Apparently I am not alone and hundreds of calls have been made about smashed in windows across the area. My back garden is not overlooked and a pathway leads to a business park so the tricksters who carried out this costly act had clear access.

I live just 1 minute from sheltered housing indeed the sheltered houseing would have been facing unto the location that the stone was thrown. It is a shame that Halloween has become Americanised and Trick or Treating has replaced Guising. Trick or treat is the precurser to Shock and Awe so maybe we should not be too surprised about President Bush's actions in the war on terror.

However, if my small area is having hundreds of call outs how many of our elderly and vulnerable are quaking at the moment, with the lights out and the television off? How many incidents are going unreported, with people not looking to claim for damage under their insurance? How much will the insurance companies have to pay out?

This is something that need to be covered in citizenship classes in our schools the cost of Trick ot Treating too far. A 7 foot by 3 foot sheet of double glazing is not cheap.

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