Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Blunkett Sidestep

I read Lynne Featehrstone’s blog with interest yesterday. She said that she had the first question on David Blunketts latest big news dayand that her supplementary was shunned by the Minster for Works and Pensions. So I eagerly awaited this morning's update of Hansard with interest to see what was actually said.

What is wrong with asking him:

…does he believe that he remains in a position to secure the consensus that he mentioned in a divided Cabinet over the urgent need radically to reform the pensions system?

I agree with Lynne that some mention had to be made about his judgement as the whole media was asking that question. Not to do so, as the first opposition questioner, would have been derided in the media.

Unfortunately due to a minsters share dealings and his own frustration at his foolishness we did not find out if the Minster feels that there is a consensus in cabinet to push through another of their manifesto pledges. Their recent discussion on a smoking ban being a case in point that the public are concerned how stable the promises of this government is at present.

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