Friday, October 28, 2005

Hoon Promises to Put Police Before Liberty

I've just got around to reading the Hansard Report of Wednesday's PMQs. So further to Wednesday's post I find this quote from Geoff Hoon worrying:

The police have made it clear what they require: they would like to have a three-month period in which they can hold suspected terrorists before charge

Bear in mind this comes from a government who say that their 'war on terrorism' will not lead to a police state.

So why would the police require a 3 month period of detention in custody? This could only be to gather evidence which means that the suspicions on which somebody could be arrested must be pretty sketchy. What the Liberal Democrats have proposed instead of ID cards is more police to carry out their investications and the facilities to aid them. This is a worrying development but thankfully the is a real alternative and the Liberal Democrats ahve set upa campaign page for people to show support.

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