Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Classic Movie Test, Scotland Wins and Smoke Over the Border

Jonathan Calder and Peter at the Apollo project came out as Apocalype now. I'm

As reported earlier Andrew Murray was off to a flying start we Tim Henman rallied and made a mathc of it. But hte boy from Dunblane won in the end on a tie break in the 6th set. Two good things about this match Murray did not lose his way or nerve too much with so much riding on the result. Tim Henman showed there is live in the old boy yet he may have a couple of years left yet.

When is a smoking not really a smoking ban? When it applies to England (but not Wales as I previously wrote, thanks to Peter Black AM for pointing that out).

It is a shame that Patricia Hewitt was forced to back down in her stance for a complete ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces for England and Wales. Even though she had watered this down herself to allow smoking carriages her steps would have been substantial. The excemptions for private members clubs, pubs that don't sell food does not go far enough to protect the publics health. Unlike in Scotland and Northern Ireland where there will soon be total bans on smoking in public these exceptions will still give people who work in such locations no option but to enhales other's smoke or little incentive to cut down or stop smoking themselves.

Ironically John Prescott thought a compromise of a workplace ban was enough. What about those who have to work in the establishments that allow smoking John? Or don't those workplaces count.


Peter Black said...

As a Scot i thought you would know better. Patricia Hewitt does not speak for Wales. We are going for the fill monty. Only England will have an unworkable compromise.

Stephen Glenn said...

My apologies Peter. That is what I get for getting the news from an English media source on that one.

All the best in getting a Scottish model for Wales. Then England will appear as isolated s the cabinet is from public opinion.


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