Saturday, September 10, 2005

Socialist Party start to Blog

Brian Gardner, The Socialist Party Candidate, as apposed to the Scottish Socialist party, has started a by election blog.

So I take it that is another candidate throwing their hat officially into the ring to join the Lib Dems, Labour, Tories, SNP, SSP, UKIP, Greens. Making 8 so far clearly with names.

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Niniane Mackenzie said...

The Common Good Party standing in Livingston by-election

Dick Rodgers, candidate
Welcome to the homepage of the Common Good.

With friends Roy and Nancy Hughes I founded The Common Good as a
political party in April 2004.

I contested the European election in the West Midlands Region in June
2004 winning 8650 votes or 0.6% of the vote.

I got a meagre 91 votes or 0.3% of the vote in Hartlepool By-election
in September 2004.

Standing in the General Election in Birmingham Northfield Constituency
where I live in May 2005 attracted 428 votes or 1.6%.

I plan to stand in the By-Election in Livingston, West Lothian, which
was made necessary by the sudden death of Rt Hon Robin Cook MP.

I realise this sounds like a one man band.- If he does all this on his
own, let him get on with it! - you might think. BUT I thought that
somebody had to make a start and I would really love to have you on
board.... so here is some of what I am thinking.


I want Britain to be a clear influence for good in world affairs. It
is a costly challenge but if we rise to it we will help to make a
fairer world and we will enjoy a profoundly beneficial effect on our
own national life.

In the Second World War everyone worked together to get a vital job
done. They look back with pride, knowing that they contributed to a
great achievement.

We need to create that kind of team spirit in our nation today. It's
idealistic but it is what we need to do, both for the world's sake and
for our own.

I want people in Britain to be able to get up in the morning and go to
work proud of the part they are playing in a great endeavour that we
all really believe in: to make the world a fairer place.

It won't be easy but it will give us a purpose to our national life.
Many of today's problems like drugs, crime and lack of educational
motivation are symptoms of an aimless society. We will never find an
answer to these problems which bog us down unless we find something
important to do with our life as a nation. And this is it: to make the
world a fairer place.

I would welcome invitations to speak about this vision for British
life. If you are interested please do contact me by clicking here.

If you can help with the Livingston By-election campaign either in
person or by putting me in touch with useful contacts or by donations
please, kindly, contact me.

In the months after Livingston I plan to tour the country promoting
this vision, enlisting the help of people to stand as candidates in
future elections and to lobby on numerous issues which express this
vision, as can be seen in the section entitled POLICIES.


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