Saturday, September 10, 2005

Every House I've Ever Considered Buying I've Delivered To.

Last night in the persistant drizzle I completed a goal I never though I ever would. As a Liberal Democrat in West Lothian I have delivered to each of the houses I ever seriously considered buying.

Last night while out in Fauldhouse I completed the set. The house when I last saw it was overgrown with ivy through the upper floor no bathroom a terrible kithcen and a number of trees threathening to reek havoc.

Last night it had a beautifully landscaped garden, including decking by the burn, a conservatory, impressive modern kitchen. Of course if we had managed to buy it, it probably wouldn't have looked quite so good as we'd probably still have been working on it but quite a transformation.

Last night was really encouraging as a number of people I meet said they would be voting for Charles, or 'Charlie' as they knew him, as they had seen him further up the street. Last night it was campaigning for a very local candidate.

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