Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Scotsman Thinks Labour Activists Deserve an ASBO

Labour activists were at their worst again yesterday on a Charles Kennedy walkabout, The Scotsman likened it to anti-social behaviour. Whereas Labour still mob attack places (although not yet to take down their illegal posters) the Liberal Democrats tend to go in small groups so that hte candidate can meet the public, difficult to do this with a baying mob doing their utmost to prevent the democratic process.

At last night hustings in Deans South Jim Devine turned up late after everyone was seated, surrounded by minders and left early so as to avoid any contact with real voters. Livingston does not need an MP who is not prepared to meet angry voters who will run scared at every sign of opposition. It is clear that Devine is no Robin Cook as Robin would have been in there to listen to criticism and take action.

In less than 24 hours the people of Livingston must start making their choice. They can either elect the Ostrich wearing the red rossette or an MP who is prepared to meet them, listen to them and campaign on their behalf, not of his Union or Party and be distant.

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