Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Labour Blame Wind for Delay in Complying with Council Edict

The Labour Party have apparently claimed the wind as the reason they have yet to comply with the order to take down their oversized posters in Livingston. While speaking to the Lighting Officer on the council Rory Cameron he said that this is the reason they are having difficulties complying with the deadline set.

I informed Mr. Cameron that I ahve yet to see any party use ladders for the taking down of posters and said this is usually done by a blade on the end of a long pole. I even offered to lend Labour the Liberal Democrat pole if it would make things easier for them.

The longer the Labour party exceed this deadline the greater a traversty of local democracy Livingston will encounter. There has been no action today at all from Labour dispite The Liberal Democrats and SNP teams being seen putting up posters throughout the day.

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