Friday, September 02, 2005

Full List of Runners and Riders...So Far

I find that Political Betting are actually a little slow off the mark. For example this morning there was a piece listing the four declared candidates for the Livingston by Election. When that article went live there were 4 and now there are six. So in alphabetical order to appease the masses here they are.

Angela Constance SNP born in Blackburn (that's West Lothian not Lancashire or Aberdeenshire) and a local councillor and candidate in May's General Election. Claims to be the only hope to beat Labour, yet only in May recorded the SNP's worst result in Livingston for 18 years. Lost % share of vote and actually votes on an increased electorate.

Jim Devine Labour also born in Blackburn. Is a Unison big wig and was Robin Cooks Agent and best man at his second wedding. Interesting Campaign Factoid 2 Jim stood in at a General Election in Addiewell for Robin in April and attacked the tories ignoring both the SNP and Lib Dem candidates. Strange to attack the forth party in Scottish and West Lothian politics but there you go.

Charles Dundas Liberal Democrat born in Fauldhouse where his parents and siblings still live. was the biggest gainer in the May general election up 5.4% on the nominal 2001 result.

Steven Nimmo SSP the third of the General Election candidate to be reselected. Born in Torphichen but now lives in Bridgend. Replaced Colin Fox as convenor of Lothian SSP after his election to Scottish Parliament. Has seen the SSP in West Lothian decline in May depite almost having hte highest profile in local media.

David Robertson Green a 46 year old former Biology teacher. Employed by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). He is married to Morag who is a primary school teacher. Interesting Campign Factoid 3 a Morag Robertson who was a Primary school teacher stood for the SSP in Edinburgh South in the General Election hopefully not the same person.

Dick Rodgers The Common Good. A doctor and clergyman from Birmingham with Northern Irish roots (nothing wrong with the roots). He contested the European election in the West Midlands Region in June 2004 winning 8650 votes or 0.6% of the vote. Got a meagre 91 votes or 0.3% of the vote in Hartlepool By-election in September 2004. In the General Election in Birmingham Northfield Constituency where he lives attracted 428 votes or 1.6%.

UKIP are apparently unveiling their candidate over the weekend.

No news from the local Conservative Party or the Official Monster Raving Loony Party yet.

There are also rumours of a local Reform West Lothian Party fielded a candidate.

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