Sunday, September 04, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Been a busy weekend turned up at the Livingston campaign Office at 9:00 yesterday morning and was kicked out with my first set of leaflets for the day at approximately 9:05. At various times yesterday I was in Deans, Eliburn, Bellsquarrry, Mid Calder, and Kirknewton. With occasion stops off at HQ for much required liquid and food breaks. Finished the last run of the day at 19:30, but I was ready for more.

Up again first thing this morning and was out again to East Calder when who should we meet after being out an about for 2 hours but the Labour Candidate on his mobile phone, the MSP and a group that wouldn't look out of place manning the door to Club Earth (the nightclub in Livingston) on a Saturday night. They did not appear to be moving as we went back past them about 5 minutes still stood in the same location.
Have since rattled off the whole of Dechmont and am now treating my feet to a footspa.

I have received the SNP leaflet which says I'm Local, I'm Vocal. I'm sorry Angela but that gives a vision of Rosie Kane the SSP MSP not nice, quiet you.

Great result for us one of the supporters on the football club website had said how she had not recieved anything from any of the parties. Well yesterday she said she had recieved her first leaflet and it was delivered by me first thing yesterday.

Still nothing through my mail box from Labour although I hear there is a leaflet out there.

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