Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ex-Tory to Stand as Independent

Mev Brown who stood in Edinburgh East for the Conservatives in May has announced he is to stand as an independent in the Livingston by election.

Interesting Election Factoid 4: Mev Brown stood against the 2001 Lib Dem Candidate for Livingston, Gordon McKenzie, in Edinburgh West in May.

Interesting Election Factoid 5: The last time Gordon Lindhurst stood for a Parliamentay seat, the 2003 Scottish Election in Linlithgow, he stood against Gordon McKenzie's predecessor in the Livingston Westminster seat, Martin Oliver, who stood in 1997.

For those attempting to keep track that is 10 parties or individuals currently showing and declaring an interest in standing. Lib Dem, Labour, SNP, Conservative, SSP, UKIP, Green, Socialist Party of Great Britain, The Common Good and one Independent. Nominations don't close for another couple of days yet.


Niniane Mackenzie said...

Livingston By Election candidates

1. Labour Party -- Jim Devine
2. Scottish National Party -- Cllr Angela Constance
3. Liberal Democrats -- Charles Dundas
4. Conservative & Unionist -- Gordon Lindhurst
5. Scottish Socialist Party -- Steven Nimmo
6. Scottish Green Party -- David Robertson
6. UKIP -- Peter Adams
8. Independent -- Mev Brown
9. The Common Good Party -- Dick Rodgers
10. Socialist Party of GB -- Brian Gardner

by_elections said...

I help run a blog that covers Parliamentary by-elections.

We will be covering the Livingston by-election and I was wondering if you might be able to help us get hold of leaflets from the campaign.

Our sister website aims to combine the results of all British Parliamentary By-elections held since the General Election of 1945, with the campaign literature used by candidates in those elections.

We would like to add campaign literature from Livingston to this archive and would be grateful if you could help us get the leaflets and posters.

Hope you can help us with this project.

(Could you let us know via the comments area of our blog site please)

Niniane Mackenzie said...


If you fail to get all the campaign leaflets you might try the following website:
ASPECT: Access to Scottish Parliamentary Election Candidate Materials

Also, many of the candidates have posted their campaign material on their party's websites.

Niniane Mackenzie
on behalf of:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scotpol/ (scotpol - The Scottish Politics Discussion list)


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