Monday, September 12, 2005

Delivery to the Point of Exhaustion

Anyone who has ever seen me in action on delivery runs especially during campign may be shocked to hear that I hit the wall yesterday evening. To be fair there is not a lot of hilly runs in the Livingston constituency but yesterday in heat of the afternoon I took on Kirknewton.

Kirknewton has brilliant vistas you can see into Edinburgh, Fife and the Forth Bridges from here. The problem is the houses to the north side of the village are built on a steep slope and steps down or up to front doors are numerous. I had already done 200 leaflets elsewhere on my way to the office and took about 600 in the Kirknewton bundles out for more. This however did not break me it was the next 500 or so in Broxburn that I did in the evening when I finally hit the wall.

People will be glad to know I was back out today with no ill effects. Most of the focus has now gone out. We're ready for the next publication.

1 comment:

Caron said...

Yes, you did leaflet prodigiously well but methinks you have your Kirkliston mixed up with your Kirknewton.


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