Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Too Hot to Train

Yesterday I had to get out of work early to head back to Linlithgow for a dentist's appointment. Intended to catch the 16:14 train from Edinburgh Park to Dunblane. However, the one train I need to catch to make my 4:30 appointment is cancelled.

In their wisdom Scot FirstRail decide that the next Dunblane train will be of two coaches in length and so I join the other sweaty commuters jammed in to the corridor space between the two carriages. Due to the heat this train takes 25 minutes to make the twelve minute journey to Linlithgow. Heaven knows what time it got into Dunblane.

Having missed my dentist I was able to inform the receptionist of my delay, but then had to work out how to get out of Linlithgow as buses to Bathgate seem to stop after 5 in the evening.

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