Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cheadle Is Voting

To day is the day of the Cheadle by election brought about by the sad death of Patsy Calton. She had fought, but lost a courageous battle against cancer but increased her majority from 33 to over 4000 at the General Election.

I wish I could have been more involved in the campaign however most of my annual leave has been taken up fighting the General Election myself. As for weekends, having not seen by fiancee for the weekends for the first half of the year, I'm still working my way back into her good books; so only short hops into Edinburgh are allowed at weekends for now. However, what limited canvassing I was able to do shows me it is a close thing.

All the best to Mark Hunter and the team I'm sure their feet will not start to feel sore until they stop moving later on today. I hope does join the other Lib Dems in Westminster in the near future. It would be a worthy testiment to the hard work Patsy carried out in her short time as the local MP.

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