Saturday, August 20, 2005

Now We're Quick Off the Block

The Guardian diary got it wrong Livingston Liberal Democrats have yet to vote on a candidate for the forthcoming by election. However, while out delivering Charles Kennedy's residents' survey in various areas today, in glorious sunshine, it was encouraging to get comments like:

"Oh! The Liberal Democrats, I thought Labour would be here first."


"After all the coverage Labour has had in the last few weeks I thought no one else would bother."

So in a sense we are indeed quick off the mark but not in the sense Marina Hyde of the Guardian meant.

My parents had chosen this weekend to visit before all this latest activity kicked off. I had to persuade them that I had had weekends off since May 5th. In my mercy I saved them from deliveries, although I was tempted to give them a couple of bundles, just don't tell Chris Rennard.

On a positive note my football team scored their first goal and got their first point of the season. Although we are still bottom of the Scottish Premier League.


Rob F said...

Actually the Guardian got it right - sadly.

The diary piece relates to this article:

Which was published 24 hours after Cook's death.

Stephen Glenn said...

Actually Rob if you read that article it says:

Following the tragic death of Livingston MP Robin Cook, Charles Dundas, his Scottish Liberal Democrat opponent in the recent General Election.

This was taken directly from the press release issued by the local party.

It does not call Charles the PPC as following Robin's death Charles was no longer the PPC according to the party constitution. However, as he stood against Robin at the recent election it was decided that he was best placed to make a comment to the press on behalf of local Liberal Democrats.

This was duly printed in the Press although the West Lothian Courier did call him the candidate and a number of us wrote asking for a correction as a result.

However, the local party never said he was the PPC until after he was duly elected as such last Thursday.

Stephen Glenn said...

FYI Jim Devine who is now the Labour PPC was making commwents to the press a lot earlier that the Liberal Democrats were.


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