Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Un croissant in the morning can be quite continental...

... but diamonds are a girl's best friend.

The news this morning that Greggs are to start selling croissants as part of its breakfast range, despite a challenging market conditions, got this song going in my head.

Of course as a former employee of Gerald Ratner I'm musing the fact that if M&S sandwiches lasted longer than some of the Ratner's products, will Greggs next start branching out into the jewellery business. The lose of the local H. Samuel branch here in Bangor indicates that this too is currently a challenging market.

So today as David Cameron makes his closing remarks to the Conservative conference will we hear him say:

"Our country is facing tough financial times. I suggest we look at history. Bretton Woods, the gold standard, the great depression. That is why today I'm instruction Gideon, ... err, I mean the Chancellor to tie sterling to the Gregg's sausage roll standard. One pound will be the equivalent of two of Gregg's finest."

Or then again maybe not.

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