Friday, September 10, 2010

Frisbee Gains Status Better Than Wiff Waff

Boris Johnson (in)famously declared that Wiff Waff (aka Ping Pong or table tennis) was coming home to the London 2012 Olympics, while in Beijing 2 years ago.

Well as today he announced he was standing again for Mayor, in the hope of being on hand to welcome 'Ping Pong' home to the dinning tables of England [sic]. He may well have inadvertently announced a new sport. If we can get the IOC to ratify it even better. He said:

"I have more chance of being decapitated by a Frisbee [than becoming Prime Minister."

The frisbee flingers in Regents or Hyde Park or anywhere else in London now have a reason to practice. I mean what more noble cause than to lead to the election of the first headless Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Write to the IOC today and ask that Frisbee Decapitation of Boris gets full recognition, you know it makes sense.

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