Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Top Ten for 2010

With voting over for the Total Politics top blogs and as I'm busy this weekend I thought I'd tell you just who it is that I did vote for. So in reverse order.

10. Eric Joyce's Blog - As much for the twitting that Eric does as well as the blogging. He has come to this lately and has shown that he has got the idea of being online. Of course as the agent of the Lib Dem candidate against him I had to answer the GE question about his meeting on the Digital Economy Act by saying "if he is re-elected".

9. Liberal Democrat Voice - Still the go to place for a range of Lib Dem and external views. The team has be bolstered this year and the Hon Lady Mark set a high standard as the first guest editor earlier this month.

8. Subrosa - Should have had one of my votes last year (though I did mention her in the Scottish review what I wrote) but she withdrew herself from consideration. Gives a differing view on things in Scotland, being of a more esteemed generation than most of us.

7. Cardiff Blogger - Is one of the Tory leaning Bloggers that I was able to keep reading even through the General Election campaign. If you haven't caught his and Arnie's weekly podcasts, where have you been? Sometimes irreverant, sometimes cutting edge, often very much tongue in cheek. Always cheeky.

6. Slugger O'Toole - The Lib Dem Voice best non-Lib Dem Blog of 2009. I know I had to make the imprumptu acceptance speech before handing it over to Mick Fealty on the Monday after the Total Politics fringe. The centre of Northern Irish political blogging. I expect my return there will see me contributing more to it in upcoming months.

5. The one, the only, the very fluffy Millennium Elephant - I know that both his Daddies must be very proud of how this 10 year old can write satire worthy of That Was the Week that Was. There were times when I thought how can I cover this political story with worthy words and Millennium would find the right slant, the right EMPHASIS, the tune that would make me smile even if I was angry with the actual story he was extrapolating.

4. Green SNP Tactical Voting - Jeff have moved to Nodnol but he is still somewhat focussed on Scottish politics, though recently his has joined his second politic party. Basically because the SNP are not going to be fighting his local MP and fellow blogger Lynne Featherstone.

3. Caron's Musings - I was worried that if Caron got better she would be less able to keep up the standard of blogging she got into when she was ill. I'm glad to say that the standard of both blogging and writer is doing great. Often Caron and me can find ourselves blogging about the same story at the same time. Yet from largely the same segment of the party will come up with a different way to portray it.

2. Mark Reckons - Very sadly earlier this week one of the most well researched blogs has taken his final bow. I know I'm not alone amogst Lib Dem bloggers in linking to him because he has often asnwered the question of the day in such a way that there is perceivable comeback. I know from personal experience how hard it is to keep up his quality and quantity of output, which sadly is the reason he is hanging up his keyboard.

1. Stephens Liberal Jounral - This is the first time I have ever voted for myself in a Blog of the Year poll. However, I do think I've had my best year, even if politics got in the way of blogging for part of it. I've throw punches in all sorts of directions and judging by the backlinks, comments and retweets many of them landed. I'm not going to match Mark for research or Millennium for satire but I have a niche between the two. Knowledgeable in certain areas but often with a barbed wit to make a point. Of just finding the right combination of words to make a point.

So there you have it my top 10 for last year. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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Anonymous said...

You've made some good choices there. You've also given me a few links to blogs I haven't looked at yet. I look forward to reading those.

As for your blog, I think it does deserve inclusion in a top blogs list. I've definitely enjoyed reading it since I subscribed to the RSS feed recently.

If you're remotely interested, here's a link to my blog:


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