Friday, July 09, 2010

Only (Straight) Men Allowed

It would seem that the Anglican Church is set to have another debate about whether to catch up with other denominations, except the Holy See in Rome, and lift the glass ceiling. For 16 years now women have been allowed to be parish priests but with no hope of progress on the career ladder within the church.

In the same time there have been female Moderators of the Church of Scotland and leaders of the Methodists. Yet there seems no certain move for the Anglican Church because of the threat of the Anglo-Catholics either removing themselves or their wealth from the Anglican communion, or merely causing such an uproar to make the who move nearly unworkable.

Of course the other wing of the Church has recently scored by once again halting the possible elevation of Jeffrey John to the Bishopric of Southwark.

So the only senior post that a women, and presumably a gay man can seemingly hold in the Church of England is that of Supreme Governor. Of course to qualify for that you have to be the first born son, or daughter thereafter/instead of the previous monarch or their closest familial alternative. Not much hope for many then, unless a sensible decision is reached this week over women bishops.

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