Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well Done ABF - That's Anyone But France

The hand of Va Va Voom may have helped get the French to the World Cup finals with its extra time activities in Paris last November. But the feet of Henry only managed a total of 54 minutes on the park in South Africa 19 minutes at the end of the opening game against Uruguay and 35 minutes in the second half last night against South Africa. The highlight of the tournament for Henry watch was him complaining about a Uruguay handball in that first game. It seemed to indicate that the footballing gods were against the French.
Therefore it is with great joy that ABF (Anyone But France) are progressing with 2/3rds of their squad into the next phase of the competition. Whereas the French will shortly be meeting their new coach. The one to pick them up from  Charles de Gaul airport that is. It is also slightly ironic that the first goal yesterday from Bongani Khumalo seemed to go into the back of the next off his left arm. Oh how the Irish eyes were smiling when that 'header' got replayed in slow motion.
It appears that French coach Raymond Domenech thinks that the whole world, not just the French team, are against him. He snubbed the customary ritual of the handshake at the end of the match with his opposite number Carlos Alberto Parreira. Parreira cannot recall making a statement about the French game that sore loser Domenech wants to place on his bad behaviour.
So ABF won 2 lost 0 drew 1 scored 4 and conceded 1. With that record they would have been second in Group A behind Uruguay on goal difference. I've yet to determine where my support may go for the remainder of the world cup, I may well follow up on support of Uruguay and Mexico who along with Bafana Bafana will be feted from Donegal to Cork, Dun Laoghaire to Shannon.

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