Thursday, June 17, 2010

Green Britain Day

Today is Green Britain Day your day to start to do more for our environment.

Personally I left this house this morning turning all the appliances off except the fridge/freezer, then got on the train to come to work. (I'm currently taking the train because I'm leaving Edinburgh outwith the express buses home and it wasn't making economic sense to get a bus ticket and a rail ticket one way each day). Then it will be upstairs to turn on my work PC and monitor, throwing away any waste I have into the correct recycling bin on the office floor. A bus into the city this evening then home again for a vegetable curry made from loose bought veggies not pre-packaged ones. Eventually at some point turning on the long life light bulb for the first time today. It wasn't needed at 5 am when I got up.

All in all there is little room for improvement in my daily life. So what I need to do is get others to do the same and also be conscious of the occasional day when I find things easier to do which aren't necessarily greener. It is often a challenge when you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle like that of an aspirant politician to go for ease over ethics. I know being knackered isn't an excuse, but somebody did ask me when my last time off really was and I actually had difficulty thinking of it, even though I was home for a weekend last month it wasn't fully time off as there was preparation for what was coming up and what I am currently filling my free moments with.

Anyhow, as the above is an example of how your daily life can be greener, I'd like to encourage you after reading this to think of what more you can do. It may be a big project with long term effects and green savings. It may be a change of daily routine in either the way you travel or purchase your food, or even where your food is from. But I'd ask you today to please take a look and consider what more you can do.

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