Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Towel Day: So Long and Thanks...

.... For All the Fish

Yes today as any Douglas Adams fan will tell you in towel day. Do you know where yours is?

So to celebrate here is the opening title sequence of the film that Douglas was working on when he unfortunately died of a heart attack.

There is some dispute about the worthiness of this opening to the film. But as Douglas was constantly tweaking with the concept I've also heard that it was his idea to open with a musical number. Lest we forget the so long and thanks for all the fish bit in the TV series did have a radiophonic workshop rendition of a dolphin whistling the Star Spangled Banner so if this was Douglas's vision to get the film off to a start it was his move into another genre. At least he didn't, at least not when he died, have the idea of Hitch Hiker's Guide: The Musical who knows we may well have had that by now if he was that way inclined.

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usspost said...

But the best advice Douglas Adams once wrote was NOT PANIC, which was stamped on the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide. Whenever you are walking into uncharted territory, Towel Day http://usspost.com/towel-day-10508/


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