Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quote of the Day - on SNP Policies

"the SNP strategy fails to impress. The idea that we send a bunch of Scottish MPs to Westminster purely to turn the screw, so that we do better at the expense of other parts of the UK, smacks of the churlish small-mindedness we must avoid."
For today's Scotland on Sunday where they back the Liberal Democrats as a "real vote for change".

On Labour they summarise:

"putting aside the obvious pitfalls of failing to learn the lessons of history, it falls on the matter of trust. Brown has become a tragic figure who can do no right, but even if he is jettisoned by his colleagues, we can no longer trust Labour to govern."

Of the Tories

"For them there is also the matter of trust: do we trust David Cameron in his message that the party has changed and left behind its more divisive social attitudes*; or do we suspect that underneath it remains the same old Tory party? And then there is the practical issue of a vote in Scotland: how many seats are the Tories actually able to win here?"

Speaking of the Lib Dems they say:

"Make no mistake that this time around a vote for the Liberal Democrats is not a protest vote, one that can be cast casually because it will have little impact on the eventual outcome, but is a vote that could have extremely far-reaching consequences. It could increase the chances of a hung parliament, and there have been dire warnings about what that would mean for the economy. But those warnings have been exposed as barely credible.

"The highly respected Institute for Fiscal Studies, in its analysis of the parties' financial plans, said the Lib Dems had the smallest black hole of the main three in their funding schemes, and that there were no hidden tax rises on top.

"Another consequence of a vote for the Lib Dems is the potential for bringing in the greatest constitutional reform this country has seen in a century."

* Check out here or here to see what some selected Tory candidates social attitudes have been fond to be.

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